Earth Day

By Harrison Walker / April 18, 2018

Happy Earth Day! The oil change business may be a “dirty” one by nature, but at LOF-Xpress™  we’re on a mission to make your experience with us as “green” and “clean” as possible! We’ve embraced the concept of being environmentally conscious and put in the effort to prove it! From you and your vehicle, to…

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Vehicle Maintenance

By Harrison Walker / April 2, 2018

Could it be?!? Is spring really here to stay? As we say goodbye to the winter months and rough roads, it is time to get your car ready for spring driving and summer road trips! April is National Car Care Month and, with it comes a reminder of the importance of proper vehicle maintenance. Of…

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CARFAX Integration

By Harrison Walker / February 19, 2018

Love it or hate it, technology is an impactful part of our society today and at LOF-Xpress™, we want to embrace that! We’re always working to ensure that our technology helps streamline, organize, and simplify your life – the foundation of our 3-5 minute oil change! To complement our exceptional oil change services at LOF-Xpress™,…

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Buying a Vehicle: New Vs. Used

By Harrison Walker / January 26, 2017

Most vehicle purchases begin with the same question: Should I buy new or used? And while we can’t answer that for you, we can share some facts that may help you decide which way is best for you. Of course, there are pros and cons for both buying new and buying used, so your job…

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How to Check your Vehicle’s Engine Oil

By Harrison Walker / January 12, 2017

Engine oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle: not enough oil, and improper lubrication can cause significant damage to engine components. Too much oil, and excessive oil pressure can also result in potentially expensive repairs. For this reason, checking your car’s oil level is one of the most important things you can do in order…

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New Year’s Eve Safe Driving Tips

By Harrison Walker / December 29, 2016

New Year’s Day is the second most deadly day for drivers, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  We know YOU would never drink and drive, but if you’re planning on going out this holiday weekend, we want to do our part to help keep you safe. So, before you get behind the wheel this…

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Gift Ideas for Car Lovers

By Harrison Walker / December 15, 2016

Car lovers are notoriously difficult to buy for because, let’s face it, what they *really* want is a big red bow around their dream car. Unfortunately, it’s likely that the gift you can actually afford is significantly less impressive and much more practical. Fear not, though, we know these gearheads well, and they’re the type…

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Thanksgiving Travel Tips

By Harrison Walker / November 17, 2016

Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, family, food and, for many of us, lots and lots of driving. So, as you prepare for the long (or short!) drives ahead of you this Thanksgiving, here are a few simple tips to help keep your travels safe: Make sure your vehicle is in good working order. As always,…

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Tips for Safe Driving During Harvest

By Harrison Walker / October 20, 2016

Harvest season in Iowa means an increased risk for motor vehicle/farm equipment accidents. Farmers are frequently moving equipment from one field to another during this time of year, and often times, those transitions require maneuvering large machinery down or across public roads. It is completely legal for farm machinery to drive on Iowa roadways, but when…

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The Importance of Keeping Your Tires Properly Inflated

By Harrison Walker / September 22, 2016

At LOF-Xpress™ we recognize that, just like people, every vehicle is different. Each car has its own personality and set of specifications that it must operate within, for optimal performance. Ideal tire pressure is just one element that varies from vehicle to vehicle. Because tires can be easily inflated, many car owners elect to inflate…

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