Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, family, food and, for many of us, lots and lots of driving. So, as you prepare for the long (or short!) drives ahead of you this Thanksgiving, here are a few simple tips to help keep your travels safe:

  • Make sure your vehicle is in good working order. As always, we have you covered! Stop in for the LOF-Xpress™ PLUS Full Service Oil Change and we’ll perform our 12-point prevention, which includes pretty much everything on your vehicle that can possibly be checked — lights, tires, wipers, belts, hoses and fluids! We analyze all your vehicle’s fluids – even engine oil – to make sure they’re still doing their job. This is a great way to identify fluid leaks, low fluids, faulty connections and any other problems before they become a Turkey Day inconvenience.
  • Be a role model for others and always remember to buckle up, even on short trips and remind all passengers to do the same. When used properly, seatbelts reduce the risk of fatal injury to passengers in the front seat by 45 percent and moderate-to-critical injury by 50 percent,according to the National Safety Council.
  • Get enough rest before hitting the road and when your focus and energy are greatest. Many drivers plan to take long trips during the late night or early morning hours to avoid traffic, but driving between midnight and 6 a.m. is considered a high-risk situation, according to a NCSDR/NHTSA panel of experts. Drowsy driving is very similar to drunk driving, and it can be just as dangerous.
  • Take breaks every two hours or 100 miles and rotate driving responsibility.
  • Check your road conditions and allow extra time when traveling long distances.
  • Obey speed limits. Excessive speed reduces your ability to avoid a crash, extends your vehicle’s stopping distance and increases the severity of a crash when it occurs.
  • Never, ever, drink and drive.  Don’t risk the safety of family, friends, or others on the road by drinking and driving.
  • Keep an emergency preparedness kit in your vehicle. And, it just so happens, that we put one together for you in another post! You can find that {here}.

While you can’t prepare for everything the holiday might bring (Aunt Betty’s mashed potatoes or Cousin Bob’s after dinner entertainment!), you can at least prepare your car for the road ahead. Our technicians at LOF-Xpress™ are here and ready to get you and your vehicle safely on the road for a Thanksgiving full of family, friends, and FOOD!

LOF-Xpress™ wishes you and yours a happy, safe, and tasty Thanksgiving weekend!