Love it or hate it, technology is an impactful part of our society today and at LOF-Xpress™, we want to embrace that! We’re always working to ensure that our technology helps streamline, organize, and simplify your life – the foundation of our 3-5 minute oil change! To complement our exceptional oil change services at LOF-Xpress™, we utilize CARFAX technology, in order to provide you with real time information about the maintenance status of your vehicle.

What is CARFAX?

CARFAX is an always accessible history of your vehicle. These histories include any recorded incidents or maintenance that have been cataloged under your vehicle’s unique VIN number. CARFAX obtains this information through state and local DMVs, insurance companies and dealerships. Generally the vehicle owner does not take the time to dig into all that CARFAX has to offer. However, with the advent of myCarfax, the rules have changed.

MyCarfax is truly a revolution in the way that vehicle records are visible by the vehicle owner. By downloading the myCarfax app you have instant access to your vehicle’s service history, recall notices, and maintenance organizer. As a shop intergrated shop with CARFAX, LOF-Xpress is able to transfer your oil change information directly to your myCarfax account. That means, when it is time for your next oil change, your device will let you know! The same goes for any recalls or notices that have been issued by your vehicle’s manufacturer. This service has changed the way that consumers look at their vehicle service. Pretty cool, right? So be sure to download the myCarfax app today and make LOF-Xpress your “Favorite Shop”.

Need some help navigating the myCarfax app? No problem! Simply stop on by and we will help you setup your free myCarfax account today!