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Home of the Drive Thru Oil Change

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Home of the Drive-Thru Oil Change

At LOF Xpress™ our menu of services lets you choose what you want, what your vehicle needs, and we deliver! Whether it’s a simple oil change in mere minutes, or a more comprehensive service, we’ve got you covered.

Oil Changes

Along with our signature “Drive-Thru” Oil Change, we offer a range of oil changes to fit your budget! If you’re on the road and in between errands, our 10-minute XPRESS Oil Change will have you in and out in no time. Or, if you need a more robust service to touch 17 different points across your vehicle, then our PLUS Oil Change is for you!

Additional Services

Not only do we service oil changes, but we also offer a wide variety of automotive services to keep your vehicle in top condition! LOF Xpress™ Oil Change is proud to offer additional services that can be done within an hour of you driving into the bay. From air filter and automatic transmission fluid replacements, to differential fluid replacements and fuel injection cleaning— LOF Xpress™ can do it all!

What Sets Us Apart at LOF Xpress?

Customer-Focused, Fast, Friendly & Honest Service in Minutes

No appointment needed!

LOF Xpress™ Oil Change is “changing the way your oil gets changed.” Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we pull in your vehicle information and present you with the exact price you will pay for your oil change at our kiosk— all before you even get into the bay! At LOF Xpress™ Oil Change, we have created a new way of receiving oil changes after years of testing and fine-tuning the process to fit the needs of our customers.

See what our customers are saying about LOF Xpress!

“Brittany and Mark were exceptional. They were incredibly quick and very pleasant! Thank you for making my oil change a simple task and letting me get back to my day.”


Lauren B

“Mind blowingly fast! In and out in under ten min! You can watch the technician change the oil under the floor on a screen, and they show you the dipstick before and after…”


Chris G

“Been going to dealerships for years but gave this spot a chance tonight and all I can say is wow! Fast and super friendly service…”


Eric G

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