Charitable Contribution Giving Requests

LOF Xpress™ Oil Change — Giving Back to Our Community

LOF Xpress™ Oil Change considers it our privilege to give back to the communities where we live and work. We are committed to growing stronger communities together and one of the ways we like to do that is by giving to organizations that support the LOF Xpress™ Oil Change mission and values. We give back through gifts of time, money, and service!

If your non-profit organization wants to be considered for a charitable gift contribution, please fill out the following form, and review our Charitable Contribution Criteria and Program Disclaimer below. Requests are reviewed on a monthly basis, and LOF Xpress™ Oil Change will be in contact if your request is accepted.

Charitable Contribution Criteria

  • All Charitable Contribution Requests must be from a tax-exempt, non-profit “charitable organizations” as defined by Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)3.
  • All Charitable Contribution Organizations must submit a valid and current 501(c)3 IRS Determination Letter with their request.
  • LOF Xpress™ Oil Change will consider each Charitable Contribution Request on its own merits and alignment with our Vision & Mission Statement.
  • All Charitable Contribution Requests will be in the form of non-cash Gift Card(s), given by LOF Xpress™ Oil Change for specific-named events of the Charitable Organizations (LOF Xpress™ Oil Change does not practice payment of sponsorships through monetary gifts).
  • All Charitable Contribution Requests must be individually submitted for each event, there are no recurring contributions made without resubmitting a new request each time.

Program Disclaimer:

Submission of a Charitable Contribution Request is not an obligation for LOF Xpress™ Oil Change to contribute. LOF Xpress™ Oil Change reserves the right to discontinue any/all contributions at any given time without any advance notice. LOF Xpress™ Oil Change reviews requests on a monthly basis and will notify by e-mail once the Charitable Contribution Request has been reviewed.

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