Just like winter is sure to show up here in Iowa, it’s a safe bet that you’ll find yourself stuck in the snow at some point. Whether you slid off the road or it snowed while you were parked, being stuck in the snow can be frustrating! The truth is, there is no one fail-proof way to get unstuck from snow. However, we’re here to provide you with a few LOF-Xpress™ Technician approved options! Your method of choice will depend on the situation, depth of snow, and materials you have available.

Regardless of how you attempt to get unstuck, there are several things NOT TO DO when attempting to remove your vehicle from the snow, so let’s start there!

  • DON’T PANIC! Worst case scenario, you should be equipped with your Winter Emergency Car Kit.
  • The first mistake inexperienced winter drivers tend to make when they get stuck is to spin their tires. When wheel spinning happens, you’re burning little holes in the snow beneath your tires, which melts the snow just enough to reduce traction.
  • Avoid turning your wheels. Generally speaking, you will have better results when trying to roll out of the snow if your tires are straight.
  • Take it easy on the accelerator and don’t go for full power.
  • Finally, don’t forget about the tailpipe! Clear all snow from around the tailpipe to avoid the buildup of dangerous gases inside the car.

Even your best, safest driving practices can’t ensure that you’ll never get stuck in snow! If and when that happens, give these LOF-Xpress™ Technician approved strategies to get you out of a snowy jam and moving again!

  • The Rocking Method. By applying the accelerator gently, as to not put too much torque to the wheels causing them to spin, attempt to gently edge up out of the snowy hole. Then, let off the accelerator, letting the car roll backward. Next, apply the accelerator again, in order to achieve some rocking momentum that might help get you back on higher ground. If you’re still stuck after five or six cycles, take a break and allow the transmission to cool off, thus avoiding damage.
  • Yep, you read that right. Perhaps the most tried and true method for getting out of a snowbound condition is to grab that shovel you keep in the trunk and start digging! Be especially attentive to the snow in front of all four wheels. If and when the situation allows, attempt to clear a path several feet in front of the car so that, once you’re able to get some momentum, you can continue to build speed.
  • Add traction. Using rocks, sand, kitty litter, or even floor mats under the tires, give your wheels something {other than slippery snow!} to grip. Items like these are always a good idea to keep in your vehicle during the winter months.

If you’re unable to get unstuck with these LOF-Xpress™ Technician approved strategies, it’s likely time to call a tow truck for assistance. Above all, we encourage you to always stay safe. Being stuck in the snow isn’t just an inconvenience and stressful to you, it can be hard on your car. Once you’re on the road again, be sure to stop by one of our two LOF-Xpress™ locations for a quick check-up. We’ll see to it that your vehicle is good-to-go for the remainder of your winter weather driving!