Going back to school means more carpools, practices, field trips and functions. More activities means more passengers and more cargo! While the school year might be well underway, it’s not too late to get your car back-to-school ready! Whether you’re sending the kids off to preschool, elementary, high school, or college, LOF-Xpress™ can help you make sure your vehicle is prepared to handle the extra miles as soon as the bell rings!

Here are our Top 5 Tips for Getting Your Vehicle Back-to-School Ready:

  1. Regular Maintenance – Take advantage of our monthly specials to keep that car running well! Our technicians will top off fluids, change the oil, test your battery, check tire pressure, and make sure you’re road-ready! While these are all simple, minimal maintenance items, they will extend the life of your vehicle and keep it functioning properly!

  1. Clean It Up! — Most kids (& some adults!) are not known for their tidiness. And if you’re toting your students to and from school every day, it won’t take long before the inside of your car looks like their bedroom (think: TORNADO!). A deep clean is worth the time and energy. This could be the last time your car sees a vacuum or air freshener until next semester. Speaking of fresh air, here’s an LOF-Xpress™ tip: a few strategically placed dryer sheets will help keep the inside of your car smelling clean for the miles ahead.


BONUS TIP: LOF-Xpress™ offers FREE UNLIMITED VACCUUMS for our customers to use ANYTIME! And, our vacuums are the strongest in town!

  1. Create and maximize storage — The cars of parents with children in school often resemble cargo trucks after the start of school. Backpacks, books, sports equipment, science projects, gym bags, and on-the-go meals can find a permanent home inside vehicles. So stay organized! There are a number of bags and organizers which can help maximize the space in your trunk. Just be sure to set aside some space for your safety equipment, so you will always be prepared. The investment will be worth your sanity. Trust us.


  1. Be Prepared – Stay gassed up, plan alternative routes, and keep an emergency survival kit in your vehicle. Oh, and don’t forget to always carry the necessary equipment for changing a tire―a working jack, an inflated spare tire, a lug nut wrench or tire iron, and pipe for leverage. These items should always be stored in their designated place in your car’s trunk or hatchback.
  1. Check the Tires – Getting a flat tire during this busy time would be a frustrating inconvenience! Have your tires inspected (we can do that!) and make sure they are at the proper pressure to make sure they handle properly and wear evenly (again, the LOF-Xpress™ team has you covered!).

Your schedule fills up fast once school is in session. Let these 5 things keep you calm and your vehicle running well during the crazy carpool rotation! And, as always, we’ve got your back…err…car covered! Don’t spend your day at the dealership! Stop in to LOF-Xpress™ and see us instead!