Believe it or not, auto thefts occur in the great state of Iowa, too! From a recent outbreak in West Des Moines to several thefts in Fort Dodge, vehicle theft is something to be aware of. The good news is that vehicles are becoming increasingly harder to steal each year, but prevention still requires some good ole’ common sense. It is up to us, as car owners, to make our vehicles a less appealing target and more of a challenge to steal, as a deterrent to potential thieves. At LOF-Xpress™, we know that a car doesn’t have to be worth a lot to be worth protecting. We do what we do because your vehicle is essential to everyday life.

Here are some LOF-Xpress™ approved steps you can take to make your car — and the valuables it may contain — less attractive to thieves.

Park in well-lit, busy places. A car will, obviously, be safer in a garage than in a driveway or at a curb.

Always lock your car & never keep it running without you in it. Many thefts happen to unlocked vehicles. In September 2019, reported that 209 car thefts nationwide happen daily because keys were left in the car. The goal is to make your car less desirable than others, and a locked door is a simple deterrent. Otherwise, you are inviting thieves to drive off with your car.

Keep your keys with you. Trust us when we say that thieves know all your hiding spots in and around the car.

Use an anti-theft device. If you drive an older vehicle without a built-in prevention technology, there are plenty of options available for purchase.

Don’t leave valuables in the car. Remember – the goal is to make your vehicle LESS attractive to thieves and storing valuables in it just makes you more of a target.

Close your windows when you park. A clothes hanger or even a slender arm can reach through even a narrow window opening in an unlocked car.
If you have a garage, use it! There’s nowhere safer for your vehicle to be than in your locked garage.

Save you and your family a lot of frustration, stress, and interruption to your daily life by taking precautions to reduce the risk of having your vehicle become a target.