Prepare now, be safe when winter weather hits!

Fall is a busy time of year, let’s not make it busier by neglecting our vehicles. We prep our homes, our wardrobes (hellllloooo winter parkas, hats, gloves, and scarves), and our bank accounts (gotta be ready for that holiday shopping $$!) for winter. Why not give a little extra love to the vehicle we count on to keep us safe on the roads every day? Vehicle winterization doesn’t have to be difficult and is worth the peace of mind to know your car is ready for the cold, snow, and ice!

To get you started for the next season, our LOF-Xpress™ vehicle experts provided tips for Winterizing Your Vehicle.

Service Your Vehicle Regularly

First, and perhaps most importantly, we recommend that you take precautions to avoid getting into an emergency situation. Our team at LOF-Xpress™ will give your car a bumper-to-bumper 12 point Preventative Maintenance check which will help ensure it’s ready for winter driving. We call it our PLUS Full Service Oil Change and includes a Lube-Oil-Filter change. It only takes 25-30 minutes and no appointment is ever needed!

Fill Up Often

A mostly full tank helps prevent gas line freeze-ups. Plus, if you’re stuck, stranded, or in an accident, your engine might be the only thing keeping you warm until help arrives.

Maintain Proper Tire Pressure

We talk all about the importance of proper tire pressure {here}, and in short, maintaining ideal tire pressure for your specific vehicle is vital for its proper operation. If you have questions about tire pressure, or would like to have your tires inflated properly, be sure to stop by one of our two convenient locations in Ankeny or Ames.

Keep Wiper Blades Fresh and Fluid Full

When you’re not sure what’s going to be falling from the sky (rain, sleet, snow or maybe all three in one day!),  it’s important to be prepared. Ensure you have full visibility by maintaining your blades and making sure you have plenty of windshield wiper fluid to wash away the winter!

Lucky for you, right now, during the month of November, we’re offering $2 OFF Wiper Blade Replacement! And if you Check In on Facebook while at one of our stores, you’ll be entered into this month’s contest and eligible for a free pair of RainX blades and treatment!

Pack a Winter Safety Kit

Refresh on Winter Kit ideas from a past post to see what we suggest you should have in your vehicle to stay safe. It covers the basics (blankets, scrapers, & jumper cables), and includes a few non-essential, but super helpful items (phone charger, food, water, & flares).

Oh, and don’t forget to use our $5 OFF Battery Replacement coupon, good through November! With Iowa winter comes driving challenges. Let’s avoid those with a little pre-winter vehicle prep!