Have you ever clicked on the wipers to clear away snow and are instead greeted by smearing and screeching, rather than cleaning and clearing?  You may frequent LOF-Xpress™ to keep  up on your oil changes but those wiper blades can often be forgotten. Did you know that we offer many more comprehensive services, in addition to just our three to five minute oil change? We do! We offer everything from tire rotations and spark plug replacement to battery testing/replacement and windshield wiper replacement, too!

A clean windshield may seem like a no brainer, but many drivers ride around with substandard wiper blades, just barely able to see through the windshield. For many,this is simply a personality trait. There are those who go through a bottle of windshield washer fluid in a week and some who forget that the wipers are even there. It’s like they clean their windshield for a special occasion and remember what it is like to see again. Windshield wipers are made of rubber and due to the environmental effects, they wear out rather quickly. If your wipers deteriorate far enough they will dig into your windshield and cause scratches. Many of us neglect the fact that our windshield wipers are essentially a piece of safety equipment, just as important as your brakes or headlights. For this reason, our LOF-Xpress™ technicians suggest  a thorough wiper blade inspection every few months and a replacement them every six months. Proper maintenance will ensure  that your wipers are ready to keep your view clear for the foreseeable future.                 

If you have ever had a headlight out, you know what a bummer that can be. The police can stop you, you may wonder if your vision is going south while driving at night, and the worst part is that you rarely remember to change it during the day. Many people will drive around with a burned out headlight for an extended period of time before remembering to have it fixed. Modern headlights have come a long way from the glass encased, fragile bulbs that used to be standard on most cars. These days most headlights are made of halogen bulbs that are, not only exponentially brighter, but last much longer. In addition to halogen, modern vehicles are being equipped with LED lights and they are poised to become the next big thing. LED light are incredibly bright, while using much less energy than a traditional bulb. If you suspect that your headlight is out in your vehicle, now is the time to bring it to LOF-Xpress™ for an oil change and a bulb replacement.

At LOF-Xpress™, it is our goal to help you have the safest car possible for transporting you and your loved ones around town. If you simply want us to look over your car and recommend additional safety related items that need to be fixed, please drop on by, have a cup of coffee and watch our techs inspect your car. That’s right you can watch and hear everything that goes on in our shop though monitors in the waiting area and/or bay. We take transparency to a whole new level and believe that you should trust where you take your vehicle. We trust our technicians and put their skills on display for our customers to see.

We care about the safety of your vehicle so whether you need a headlight, a set of wiper blades, or just an oil change. Stop on by, get your incredibly fast oil change or hang out awhile and have a cup of coffee. After all, there is never any need to schedule an appointment. We look forward to seeing you and, as always, thank the good folks of Ames and Ankeny for their business.