It happens to the best of us. And usually at the most inconvenient of times! The annoyance and anxiety of locking your keys in your vehicle often leads to panic and feelings of helplessness. It’s our goal at LOF-Xpress™ to help you be an informed and safe driver, and that includes knowing WHAT TO DO IF YOU LOCK YOUR KEYS IN YOUR VEHICLE. Here are some LOF-Xpress™ approved ideas for if (when!) you find yourself in this unfortunate situation!

Standard Procedure

First and foremost – don’t panic! Be logical and take a trip around the car to make sure that all doors are, in fact, locked. Once you’ve confirmed that there is no obvious way to enter the vehicle, there are a few options.

Dial 911.

If there is a child locked inside the car, whether the car is running or not, call 911 immediately. If you happen to be stranded in an unsafe area, dial 911 and explain your situation. They will often call you a tow truck, which you may have to pay for. But, hey, at least you’ll be safe!

Call for roadside assistance.

This one’s a no-brainer…if you’re one of the lucky roadside assistance subscribers (OnStar, AAA, Allstate, etc.)! For the rest of us, it’s up to a locksmith to help us out. Side note: It isn’t a bad idea to call your insurance company first – some policies include lockout services! Many new cars come with roadside assistance during the basic warranty period. Your owner’s manual should have the details…however, that will be no help to you when it’s locked in the car with your keys. To be prepared, keep that number in your phone or make sure it is posted on a window decal. If all else fails, you should be able to get details by calling your dealership.

Keep an extra key handy.

Having an extra key is always a good idea. Leave it with someone that could come to your rescue when you’re in a lockout situation. Alternatively, and perhaps a little more convenient would be to keep a spare key in your purse, wallet, or a well-hidden spot on the vehicle. You can buy small magnetic boxes that can be placed on a car’s underside for this intended purpose. Some cars have a holder for a spare key inside the gas door, as well.

Get a temporary key.

You can usually obtain a temporary key that will unlock your car, but not start it, by calling the local dealership that sells the same make car that you have. You’ll need the VIN number located on the front of the dash, on the driver’s side, to prove you are the owner. The dealership can then have a new key cut and ready to use in a matter of minutes for a reasonable rate. Of course, you’ll also need a ride to the dealership.

Take advantages of the benefits of a Smart Car.

Some cars won’t lock at all with the power-lock button if the key is still in the ignition and a door is open. There are also several types of vehicles that have door-mounted keypads that require a code to unlock the door, making getting locked out a moot point. If you drive a vehicle with remote unlocking technology available, you can call the toll free number or download an app to unlock it from your phone. We recommend checking your automaker’s website for compatible vehicles, phones, and specifics.

Odds are, you WILL lock your keys in your vehicle at some point – and probably when it is most inconvenient! Let our LOF-Xpress™ approved ideas guide your decision making when it comes to getting back in your car and back on the road!