Get Your Car Spring Ready

At LOF Xpress we know warmer weather and longer days in springtime brings the promise of exciting road trips and outdoor adventures. The change in seasons also means, it’s time to get your vehicle ready for more driving in the coming months. One of the most important maintenance tasks for the family vehicle is an LOF Xpress oil change.

A fresh oil change before warmer seasonal driving is essential to keep your car’s engine running smoothly, maintain gas mileage and prevent unexpected breakdowns and serious damage. As the engine runs hotter, for more hours, motor oil breaks down from heat, friction, and accumulating particles. An LOF Xpress™ oil change removes the old, dirty oil and replaces it with new, clean oil – restoring protection and efficiency to your engine. And it only takes 7-10 minutes out of your day!

With the open roads calling, don’t put off this vital maintenance task. Stop in (no need to schedule an appointment) to LOF Xpress™ soon and hit the road!

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