Spring is finally upon us, which means it’s time to get your vehicle ready for those summer road trips, weekends at the ball fields, or adventures to the lake. A lot of dirt, dust, and trash has probably made its way into your vehicle during the winter months, and NOW is the perfect time to deep clean and start fresh. Here are 6 tips to help you get your car looking and feeling as fresh as the new spring air.

Replace your wiper blades.  Winter weather can do quite the number on your wiper blades. After all, it is hard work brushing off heavy snow and constantly swiping back and forth to keep your windshield clean. Not to mention, salt from the roads can cause wiper blades to dry out and crack, deeming them completely ineffective. Retire your winter blades and start this spring with new ones for a fresh view. Unsure about which blades fit your car? We’ve got you covered! Stop by one of our two convenient LOF-Xpress™ locations and let us help.

Check your tires. Just like your wiper blades, your tires go through a lot in the winter…literally! Snow, ice, slush, mud, and salt…oh, my! Tire pressure can be a finicky thing. It drops when the weather gets cold rapidly, and can spike when it gets hot quickly. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your tire pressure is where it should be. After that, check to make sure that they’re wearing properly and evenly. If they’re not, you may be in need of a wheel rotation or an alignment check.

Check your fluids. Of course, checking your fluids begins with an oil change, but other fluids must be checked and filled as well, including brake, transmission and steering fluid. And don’t forget about the washer fluid! It has a tendency to deplete faster in the winter. Of course, LOF-Xpress™ has you completely covered when it comes to your fluids!

Clean up the inside surfaces. Get out your vacuum and clean the mats, paying special attention to the small corners of your vehicle.  Remember to put your seats down to get between the cracks and also vacuum cup holders, door pockets and seat backs to get rid of dirt that lingers throughout your car. After all of that winter salt and sand, your car’s carpets are likely to have white stains from road salt.  Remove them by using water mixed with vinegar (white) and scrub the tough stains until they are removed. Then, use glass cleaner to wipe the inside of the windows and windshield, which can build up a film as a result of extra defrost use.

Tackle the tough exterior. Using car-specific soap and warm water, clean the exterior of your car from top to bottom. Clean the wheels and tires with a separate sponge or rag, and be sure to get into all the cracks. Blast the undercarriage of your car with a hose to get rid of as much salt and grime as possible. Then, wrap up your washing by drying the exterior of your car with a soft, clean towel.

Wax on, wax off. Give your car a good wax job. Not only will it give it that shiny “new car” look, it will also protect it from rain and keep it looking cleaner longer.

If the thought of spending the first days of spring worrying about your car make you want to hibernate a little longer, we’re here to help. Our LOF-Xpress™ technicians can check your car for winter damage, check and top off your fluids, and replace wiper blades!