In just over a week, many Iowa high schools and most of its universities will be celebrating spring with a weeklong break! And, as we all know, SPRING BREAK is the perfect time to get away from the lingering Iowa winter and head out on an adventure. Whether you’re warm weather bound, traveling to visit relatives, or exploring new places, a ROAD TRIP is often the most cost effective and practical way to go. However, like with any good vacation, road trips take some preparation and planning, which is where we come in! At LOF-Xpress™ your vehicle safety is our top priority, but we also want this SPRING BREAK ROAD TRIP to be your best yet, so here are your LOF-Xpress™ approved SPRING BREAK ROAD TRIP TIPS:

  1. Make sure your road-trip vehicle is truly roadworthy and make car maintenance a priority. We recommend visiting one of our two convenient locations for our PLUS Full Service Oil Change, which includes a 3-point service, PLUS 12-Point Prevention, PLUS Cleaning! This is the service you can trust to have your vehicle in tip top condition before hitting the road. Having to deal with preventable mechanical breakdowns is a painful waste of time and money on a spring break getaway. Also of note: never attempt to gain space in your vehicle by removing spare tires or any other car essentials like a first aid or emergency preparedness kit.
  2. Speaking of an emergency preparedness kit – you’re going to want one! We recommend tweaking our Winter Emergency Car Kit just a bit to include a few additional items, such as: First Aid kit, reflective warning triangles, warning light or flares, jumper cables, tire gauge, Fix-A-Flat or other type of foam tire sealant, flashlight, extra batteries, rain poncho, gloves, and clean rags.
  3. Invest in travel insurance. Flat tires, accidents, car troubles, and unforeseen circumstances can happen to anyone, anytime, or anywhere and we think it’s always best to be prepared – especially if you have already invested a significant amount of money into this trip.
  4. Update the GPS AND pack a map. Yes, an actual paper map! These days, GPS and apps are fairly reliable ways to navigate the roads. BUT you can’t depend on just a GPS. A traditional map is important in case of an emergency or spotty service areas.
  5. Packing: Less is More! And don’t forget your chargers! Chargers are necessary to keep your phone operational, but loaded suit cases and bags will just weigh you down and increase your chances of leaving things behind. Stick to the basics – comfy clothes and shoes, entertainment for the ride, easy snacks, and your destination necessities.
  6. Be prepared with snacks and meals. In the interest of time and money, packing some of your own food is one of the best ways to get you where you’re going on time and in budget. Use a small cooler stocked with fruits, veggies, crackers, water bottles, and sandwiches to keep you on the road for longer stretches.
  7. Drive at a reasonable rate of speed and abide by traffic laws. This one seems like a no-brainer, but it’s definitely worth the reminder. Local police departments frequently increase patrols on routes used by spring-breakers, and that $600 speeding ticket will certainly put a significant and disheartening dent in a tight budget.
  8. Take advantage of welcome centers. Most states have rest areas located near state borders on interstate highways. These centers are usually staffed by local volunteers, and most have discount coupons for motels and attractions in their immediate area. Take the time to talk with staff members if possible. Advice about cheap lodging and food from a friendly local is often worth its weight in gold.
  9. Make the trip entertaining! Take advantage of audiobooks, games, playlists, apps and movies for passengers to pass the time. BUT! Don’t let the scenery pass you by! The best {free} entertainment is always taking in the sights around you!
  10. Make it FUN! Finally, and perhaps most importantly, ENJOY your time on the road! Stop and see the largest/best/most ______ as you pass. Eat at the favorite local hole-in-the-wall restaurant in a small town. Visit state parks, monuments, and pieces of history! Find the fun in the open road and stop along the way!

No matter where you’re headed for spring break, it’s sure to be an enjoyable, relaxing time! Just remember to follow these LOF-Xpress™ approved SPRING BREAK ROAD TRIP TIPS to make sure it’s safe, too.