Last time, we talked about the epic road trip that you need to get out there and experience. The Ames area is the perfect place to launch a road trip, we are centrally located and within reach of seemingly a million different places to see and activities to do. So in order to get your creative juices flowing the automotive experts at LOF Xpress, Ames’ premier oil change destination, decided to do a little digging into some of the popular locations that are superb road trip targets. Now a road trip needs to begin with a comprehensive vehicle work over from LOF Xpress in order to make sure that everything is road worthy. We will change your oil, reset that annoying tire pressure light and even recharge your A/C; we are truly the first stop you need to make when planning a road trip. We provide the peace of mind to know your vehicle is roadworthy, allowing you to enjoy your vacation.

Don’t Stress

Unfortunately a road trip is not without its own form of stress and the initial trigger could be where to set off to. The main thing to consider is how long you are going to be gone and maximize your time accordingly. Many destinations should be given a few days to explore simply due to their size and amount of places to see. The other aspect you should consider is all of the cool things that could be between you and the destination. The midwest is full of quirky and amazing attractions if you take the time to look. Remember a road trip is supposed to be relaxing and full of experiences so leave the stress at home.

The home of Paisley Park and Bob Dylan is also an incredible summer destination. Explore downtown, go to a really huge mall, or do what the locals do, head to the Minnesota State fair. Of course it is held over labor day but it is truly not to be missed, particularly if you are a fan of the typical weird stuff that you can eat at a state fair. The fair even offers shuttle services if your hotel is out of the way a bit. After you gorge on deep fried Oreos, the best thing you can do to keep your sanity is drive up north to Duluth. Duluth is a gorgeous area that really does not feel like the rest of Minnesota, and the views of the lake are breathtaking.

Hitting Denver in the summer is perfect due to it proximity to the mountains, skip Denver itself and head up to Estes Park for a day or two. The gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park is right at the western edge of Estes. There are elk everywhere and one could hike for weeks without hitting the same trail twice. Head up and over the pass to Grand Lake and take in the beauty of the Rockies.

Austin is the rebellious step-brother of the oil money in Dallas. Austin is much different than you might think and the culture there is young and full of life. Do yourself a favor and hit the national food of Texas: BBQ. There are incredible examples almost on every street corner and you will not be disappointed. Be sure and take in the music mecca that is 6th street, with its buskers and live music flowing into the street. Each and every club on 6th street seems to have live music at all times of day, no better time than to find a patio and soak it all in.

The ideal vacation is one where you can spend time with family and enjoy the outdoors at the same time, the Black Hills are the perfect place. Aside from Mount Rushmore, the area has an incredible amount of amazing things to do. Of course, Mount Rushmore is well worth the visit and is incredibly impressive when you actually see it in person. The Black Hills themselves are an incredibly beautiful spot to hike and camp. The crystal clear streams hold rainbow trout just waiting for a fly to land in striking distance. Be sure and visit Sylvan Lake for some of the most spectacular lake views in the country, and if rock climbing is your thing, be sure and visit the Needles.

The beauty of a road trip is that it give us a sense of the adventure that was once so much a part of daily life. At LOF Xpress we take pride in serving the needs of our community, particularly those with that taste for wanderlust. Come and see us before your next road trip and let us take care of your car; until then keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes to the horizon.