Price Inquiry EULA

We allow you access to information we have licensed from MOTOR Information Systems (the “MOTOR Information”) and by accessing such information, you agree to comply with the following terms and conditions:

  1. License Grant. MOTOR hereby grants to you a nontransferable, non-exclusive, limited license to access and use the MOTOR Information contained within the Product on a vehicle-by-vehicle look-up basis.
  2. Restrictions on Use of MOTOR Information. You agree that you shall not, and shall not permit any third party, to directly or indirectly (i) alter or copy in any form or medium all or any part of the MOTOR Information (except for data located on an individual, vehicle by vehicle, lookup basis), nor make any MOTOR Information part of any electronic retrieval system; (ii) create any derivative work from, or adaptation of, the MOTOR Information; (iii) lease, license, sell, or otherwise publish, communicate, distribute or display to any third party in any form or medium all or any part of the MOTOR Information; (iv) create any publications, in electronic, printed or other format, based in whole or in part on data from the MOTOR Information, alone or in combination with any other data; (v) download the MOTOR Information (other than the data obtained on a vehicle-by-vehicle look-up basis) or transmit the MOTOR Information electronically by any means; (vi) remove any product identification, copyright, trademark or other notice from the MOTOR Information or documentation; or (vii) reverse engineer, reverse assemble, or reverse compile the MOTOR Information.
  3. Ownership/Confidentiality. You agree that the MOTOR Information is the confidential information of MOTOR, and that MOTOR owns or is the subscriber of all rights in the MOTOR Information, including without limitation all copyright and other proprietary rights.  You agree to keep confidential and use your best efforts to prevent and protect the MOTOR Information from unauthorized disclosure or use.