In-Service Technologies

At LOF-Xpress™ we count on well trained, customer focused technicians and cutting edge technology to provide you with an efficient and high quality oil change. These are the things that set us apart from our competition and make us the best of the best in the oil change industry! We’re committed to giving you a new quick-lube experience – from beginning to end.

Our innovative technologies start the moment you pull up to a kiosks and continue through your oil change, in both our upper and lower bays. Visible to you, our customers, are multiple big screen TVs (streaming all of your favorites – ESPN, HGTV, local channels, etc.!), as well as dual service monitors. These allow for our customers the benefit of two things:

  1. Seeing the technician’s screen for verifying their customer information and viewing the ticket with a step-by-step walkthrough during the checkout process.
  2. A live feed of cameras recording both under the hood and under the vehicle, allowing visualization and verification of oil being drained, oil filter being changed, and fresh oil being added.

Other convenient customer-centered technologies include: Keurig coffee machines (as well as a variety of other drinks!), a ring cleaning machine, and free guest wi-fi in our Northwoods Lounge. Your comfort is important to us and we are always looking for ways to set ourselves apart – under, in, and outside of your car!

Of course, our technicians and both of our Ames and Ankeny locations are fully loaded with and trained in top-notch technology! We have everything from digital meters on oil guns and custom built PCs/software that provide exact part numbers and oil specifications for nearly every vehicle make/model, to employee fingerprint scanners and VIN barcode scanners that expedite the check-out process! But that’s not all! Inside the lower bay area our technicians use touchscreen PCs to see a camera feed of the queue of cars outside and access to the POS software to look up vehicle specifications. You also might notice that all employees wear 2-way radios and/or drive-thru headsets to communicate with each other and customers.

It is because of these during service technologies (& more!) that we are confident in our ability to give you unmatched customer service, a superior oil change, and advanced automation!