Being stranded in a car that won’t start can result from many issues, but if the problem is a worn battery, you can be back on the road in no time, with a little help and some good planning. A jump-start is likely what the car doctor ordered! But you don’t need to be a mechanic or even a “gearhead” to do it. The key is just knowing how to jump-start safely. Follow our step-by-step diagram to get yourself back on the road quickly and safely!

And there youhave it! Treat your friend to dinner, give your dad a hug, or thank that random stranger in the parking lot as politely as possible. Once you shut the hood, you can be on your merry way. Now that you know how to solve the issue of a dead battery, you won’t need to worry the next time it happens.

The truth is, a dead battery is a problem that you will run into at some point…probably more than once. Be prepared with jumper cables AND the knowledge of how to get yourself back on the road. And, once you are, be sure to stop in to your nearest LOF-Xpress™ location, so we can test your battery. If your battery is old and tired, the jump-start may just be a temporary solution until you can replace it. Also, make sure to check your Winter Emergency Car Kit to make sure you’re prepared for the next roadside problem.