Service Time: (Approximately: 35-65 +/- Minutes)


  1. Increase Gas Mileage: Helps to improve fuel mileage. (in some cases up to 10%!)
  2. Smoother Idle: Cleans injectors to give better fuel flow resulting in a smoother idle.
  3. Increased Power: Cleans excessive carbon buildup which causes decrease in power.
  4. Engine Performance: Aids in engine performance as mentioned at top.


  • A fuel injector is an electrically operated gate which delivers fuel into the engine via its nozzle.
  • The Engine Control Module/Unit (ECM/ECU) controls when the injector should inject fuel into each engine cylinder.
  • From the first time your engine is started, dirt, carbon deposits, and varnishes are formed in your vehicle’s fuel systems, on the intake valves, and in the combustion chamber areas.
  • Here are some symptoms that are caused by carbon buildup:
    • Poor fuel mileage.
    • Rough idle.
    • Poor acceleration, stalling, or hesitation.
  • Fuel Injection Cleaning service will help remove carbon deposits from your vehicles:
    • Fuel injectors.
    • Throttle body, intake manifold, valves, combustion chamber, and pistons.
    • Fuel additive for fuel system cleaning.


  1. Mileage and/or Time: Services are due based on manufacturers recommendation of mileage and/or time.
  2. Testing and/or Condition: Excessive carbon in intake system are signs service has not been performed recently.
  3. Abnormalities: If engine barely runs, has a dead cyl., etc. (see repair facility for further diagnosis & repair)

*Disclaimer: High mileage vehicles, or vehicles that have not routinely performed fuel injection cleaning service, may need service performed
several more times later on during routine oil change services, due to excessive fluid degradation
*Disclaimer: All Additional Services are Recommended Based on Mileage, unless otherwise noted or previous service history is available to reference.
Carbon buildup and photos are used for illustration and informative purposes for the customer.