What do you get the man that already has everything and says he wants nothing?!? We recommend sticking with something practical, but unique when it comes to Father’s Day gift giving and our LOF-Xpress™ approved list for car enthusiasts is always a great place to start! Here are our best Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Car Lover in your life!

  1. Car Care Kit. Practical and affordable, these kits can be just the ticket for the hard-to-buy for guy in your life.

Armor All 10-Piece Father’s Day Gift Pack Bucket

  1. Wet & Dry Car Vacuum Cleaner. Because every dad that loves his car, loves it even more when it is clean.

Armor All Wet/Dry Vacuum

  1. Professional Car Detailing. Bonus points: Spend time with dear ol’ dad while the detailing is being done!
  1. Bluetooth Speaker Phone. Hands-free calling is useful AND the law in some states. If his car isn’t already equipped with Bluetooth capabilities, get him this gift, and let him enjoy the multiple capabilities, including music streaming.

Jabra Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

  1. Mini Portable Car Jump Starter. Most fathers prefer to be prepared and to not have to ask for help! What better way than with his own personal Portable Car Jumper?

Invation Mini Portable Car Jump Starter

  1. Backup Camera. Not standard in every vehicle, this gift offers convenience AND peace of mind!

Pyle Backup Camera

  1. Laser Guided Parking System. Navigating an already packed garage can be tricky, but this useful gadget simplifies the process and looks pretty cool, too!

GuideHelper Laser Guided Parking System

  1. Hertz Dream Car Collection Rental. If time and money are nonissues, why not give dad an experience of a lifetime and rent him his dream care from Hertz’s Dream Car Collection?

  1. LOF-Xpress™ Gift Card. What can we say? Sometimes the best gifts are the easiest!

Don’t make shopping for dear old dad more difficult than it needs to be! Stick with our LOF-Xpress™ approved Father’s Day Ideas for the Car Enthusiast in your life and we’re confident you’ll find something he’ll love! And remember to never underestimate the significance of time — most dads we know say they’d enjoy spending quality time with their loved ones over any gift that could be given. Take time to appreciate that special guy in your life this Father’s Day!