Fall Vehicle Maintenance

Fall may not be known for its harsh temperatures and nasty driving conditions, but we know those things are coming, so NOW is the time to be car care aware! A little maintenance and prevention during this season, can mean fewer headaches and a safer, better functioning vehicle once winter arrives. The LOF-Xpress™ team is here to help with a few tips for your fall vehicle maintenance!

  1. Resolve any potential starter issues. Rough starts, uneven idling and stalling can be an easier fix than you might think; often, a simple filter change, fluid change, new starter or new wire can take care of coming winter weather failure-to-start problems.
  2. Battery and cable check. Let one of our experienced technicians check your battery to make sure it has enough power for another Iowa winter – but don’t stop there. While we’re at it, we’ll scrape away any and all corrosion from connections, clean surfaces and connectors and tighten connections. Startup issues are sometimes the result of dirt and corrosion. Even your car battery requires a little thorough cleaning from time to time!
  3. Complete routine maintenance. Stop in for the LOF-Xpress™PLUS Full Service Oil Change and we’ll perform our 12-point prevention, which includes pretty much everything on your vehicle that can possibly be checked — lights, tires, wipers, belts, hoses & fluids including testing the strength of your battery!  We review all your vehicle’s fluids to make sure they’re still doing their job. This is a great way to identify fluid leaks, low fluids, faulty connections and any other problems before they snowball into a cold winter inconvenience.
  4. Check / change tires. If you’ve lived in Iowa for long, you’re well aware of how important tires can be when it comes to winter driving. Make sure your tires are properly inflated. When dealing with sloppy or icy road conditions, you’ll need the best traction your tires can deliver. And, if your tires are worn, replace them before winter arrives.
  5. Inspect your windshield wipers. Bitter cold, snow and ice are hard on their rubber blades. Again, we’ve got you covered and can check/replace them when need be! 
  6. Ensure that your windshield wiper reservoir is full with the proper type of windshield fluid – yet another service included in our PLUS Full Service Oil Change.

Your safety and vehicle performance are top priorities for our team at LOF-Xpress™ and it’s a responsibility that we take very seriously. Whether you need quality service or expert advice to complete your fall checklist, LOF-Xpress™ is ready to help. Just let us know what you need. We want both you and your vehicle to make it through fall and winter safely.