Happy Earth Day! The oil change business may be a “dirty” one by nature, but at LOF-Xpress™  we’re on a mission to make your experience with us as “green” and “clean” as possible! We’ve embraced the concept of being environmentally conscious and put in the effort to prove it! From you and your vehicle, to our employees and this one WORLD we’ve been given, going green means we ALL benefit from the Environment Friendly Initiatives at LOF-Xpress™. Here are just a few ways we’ve “gone green.”

When you trust us with your oil change, you get the assurance that at LOF-Xpress™ we recycle anything and everything possible! Perhaps most importantly is the recycling of ALL oils, oil filters, and antifreeze! LOF-Xpress™ owner and CEO, Ted Sage, is proud of the process! “At LOF-Xpress™ used oil is drained to large bins placed under vehicles during your service. From there, all captured fluids are pumped to large used oil tanks (2,000 gallon capacity in Ankeny and 1,500 gallon in Ames – if you must know!). This is where the magic happens! In our stores, used oil is burnt as a source of fuel to heat our bay areas during the cooler months. Whatever oil we don’t need for heat, is picked up for recycling.”

Obviously, our efforts don’t and won’t stop with oil recycling! LOF-Xpress™ also recycles paper, cardboard boxes, glass, and plastics from both the Ames and Ankeny locations. The best news for you is that there are NO recycling fees added to our services! At LOF-Xpress™, our environmental efforts are NOT passed on to customers through hidden fees. Recycling is important to us and we are more than happy to incur that cost to show commitment to our efforts.

Because we value the integrity of our environment and we know you do too, LOF-Xpress™ offers a GREEN Oil package. Eco-Pride is 40% synthetic and comes from re-refined oil! Re-refined oil is used oil that has undergone an extensive re-refining process to remove contaminants, which produces a good-as-new base oil. Pretty cool, huh?

At LOF-Xpress™ we don’t take lightly the importance of being environmentally conscious in an industry like ours. We’ve shared just a few ways we’ve “gone green,” and we want you to know that we’re committed to it for the long haul. As always, as technologies, products, and vehicles change, our processes do too! We’re changing the way your oil gets changed℠.