Additional quart(s) of fluid may be needed in service, due to fluid degradation, color or condition – Inform customer of additional costs.

Service Time: (Approximately: 30-45 +/- Minutes))


  1. Increase Responsiveness: Increases braking performance and responsiveness.
  2. Reduce Moisture Content: Reduces moisture content causing pitting and corrosion.
  3. Lubricates & Protects: Lubricates and protects rubber and metal components of the braking system.
  4. Protects from Vapor Lock: Provides protection against vapor lock by maintaining a high boiling point.


  • Brake fluid is one of the most neglected fluid services.
  • A vehicle with 12,000 miles can have brake fluid “virtual age” of 30,000 miles.
  • More than 70% of vehicle manufacturers recommend brake fluid flush service.
  • Many factors impact the condition of brake fluid:
    • Age, driving conditions, environment/weather, etc…
  • Many condition-related factors cannot be detected by visually examining brake fluid.
  • Waiting until brake fluid fails a moisture test may be too late:
    • When corrosion inhibitors become depleted, corrosion begins to cause pitting in the master cylinder, slave cylinders, caliper pistons and ABS (“Anti-Lock Brake System).
    • Pistons cannot move as freely, seals become damaged, & cylinders can develop leaks & repairs can become expensive.
  • FASCAR® (Fluid Analysis by Stimulation of Contamination Alpha Reaction) measures factors effecting brake fluid such as:
  • The age of brake fluid in the system, the level of amines or reserve alkalinity, thermal oxidation.


  1. Mileage and/or Time: Services are due based on manufacturers recommendation of mileage and/or time.
  2. Testing and/or Condition: When the fluid ‘Copper Corrosion Level’ is above 200ppm.
  3. Abnormalities: If fluid is milky, rusty, or empty, etc. (see repair facility for further diagnosis & repair)

*Disclaimer: High mileage vehicles, or vehicles that have not routinely performed brake fluid service, may pose potential problems with weak engine
seals and gaskets due to fluid degradation and buildup of coagulated coolant sealing small leaks in which the coolant flush may clean out.
*Disclaimer: All Additional Services are Recommended Based on Mileage, unless otherwise noted or previous service history is available to reference.
Fluid samples are used for illustration and informative purposes for the customer.