Service Time: (Approximately: 5-10 +/- Minutes)


  1. Fuel Mileage: Helps increase fuel mileage. (in some cases up to 5%!)
  2. Air-Fuel Ratio: Allows the correct mixture of air-to-fuel ratio.
  3. Performance: Aids in maximizing engine performance by maximizing air input.


  • The air filter traps airborne contaminants like:
    • Dirt
    • Dust
    • Bugs
    • Leaves
  • and keeps them from getting into the engine’s:
    • Intake system
    • Combustion chamber and
    • Exhaust system.
  • Without the air filter, these contaminants would cause excessive wear and premature failure.
  • An engine requires so much air to start and to stay running. The more the engine works, the more air it needs.
  • With a dirty or restricted air filter, it causes the engine to work even harder for that same volume of air and in turn reduces the fuel economy.
  • The engine air filter is an essential emissions component that helps ensure peak engine performance and premature wear on parts and/or failure.


  1. Mileage and/or Time: Services are due based on manufacturers recommendation of mileage and/or time.
  2. Testing and/or Condition: When the filter becomes dirty. (will need replaced more often when driving on gravel)
  3. Abnormalities: If the filter is covered in fluid. (see repair facility for further diagnosis & repair)

*Disclaimer: All Additional Services are Recommended Based on Mileage, unless otherwise noted or previous service history is available to reference.
Air Filter conditions are used for illustration and informative purposes for the customer.