Changing the way your oil gets changed!


Locally-owned and built on this simple, yet valuable concept – lube, oil, and filter change in just minutes. The LOF Xpress™ service was designed for the busy driver on the go. Our well trained, customer-focused technicians and cutting edge technology to provide you with an efficient and high-quality oil change. These are the things that set us apart from our competition and make us the best in the oil change industry:


Five point XPRESS SERVICE oil change in mere minutes.


17-point comprehensive service available with LOF PLUS SERVICE (15-20 minutes).


Customer comfort is a top priority! Choose to stay in your car or wait in our cozy Northwoods Lounge. Complimentary coffee, hot chocolate, big screen TVs, and free WiFi are always available.


Automation - from drive through kiosks and audio/video service recordings displayed for you to a new license plate recognition system, LOF-Xpress™ technologies are cutting edge and in place for your convenience.

"Love this place! Very fast and convenient! Staff was extremely helpful and friendly. Plus the coffee was an added bonus!"

About LOF-Xpress Oil and Lube

What Does Engine Oil Do?

At LOF Xpress™ we want you, as a vehicle owner, to understand the importance of regular oil changes. It’s the best thing you can do for your car! Here are 5 things that you might NOT know about engine oil: Engine oil lubricates engine parts to prevent metal-on-metal contact. It also captures dirty deposits created…

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Everything you Need to Know about LOF Xpress™

Experience the LOF Xpress™ Difference Ever wonder what sets LOF Xpress™ apart from its competitors and why you can trust us with your vehicle? Everything you need to know about the LOF Xpress™ Fast, Friendly & Honest experience. LOF Xpress™ Oil Change is locally-owned, and not just another quick-lube. It’s a model-driven by customer choice.…

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Three Important Things You Can Do For Your Car

Little things make a big difference when it comes to vehicle maintenance. Over time, little issues with your car can lead to big, sometimes expensive problems. Likewise, taking a number of little maintenance steps and making small repairs here and there can help to extend the life of your vehicle and keep it on the…

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Stay Safe In Your Car Services at LOF-Xpress™

At LOF-Xpress™, we’re proud of what makes us unique and sets us apart in the oil change industry. From Xpress oil changes in under 10 minutes and exemplary customer service, to the measures we’re taking to keep you safe, we do things differently. The recommended precautionary measures for COVID-19 aren’t going anywhere soon. That’s why…

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